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Why RPO is the Recruitment Service You Didn’t Know You Needed

Insurance leaders are demanding more from their hiring agendas. They want access to the best talent so they can cultivate a workforce that is diverse, inclusive and innovative. But in 2018, people strategies must respond to an ever-evolving and highly competitive set of market conditions. Where most insurers are falling down is in their failure to appreciate the magnitude of the task - as well as its importance for future growth. 


Working with a specialist outsourcing provider is a great opportunity to meet these challenges head on.


With so much to be gained from Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), how do you derive the best value for your company? A good place to start is by calling Avencia – outsourcing specialists who aptly navigate the many intricacies of the insurance market. Our approach transforms a complex and expensive recruitment process into something that’s streamlined, cost-conscious and market-specific. We listen to your concerns, and remedy them in a simple, personalised way.


Avencia’s RPO service is built for you, in perfect harmony with your existing HR or internal recruitment function. We supply and manage experts on or near-site that are carefully aligned to your culture, with the experience to fulfil your every objective. Let us support you through:


  • Improved quality of hire, diversity of talent and candidate experience
  • Data and insights that facilitate better recruitment decisions
  •  Accelerating the resourcing and on-boarding of talent
  •  Enhancing your employer brand
  •  Strategic workforce planning
  • Greater hiring manager engagement and confidence  


With us by your side, you can implement RPO for business objectives as varied as driving innovation, fulfilling transformation programmes, building diverse talent pipelines, and managing various regulatory, geopolitical and technological challenges. By tailoring our solutions to your long-term goals, we can incorporate robust initiatives that look ahead, shining the spotlight on future talent needs.

Benefit from direction on how to negotiate challenges in a manner that keeps costs down, quality up and future needs in mind.