MSP: A Solution for Today and Tomorrow

With so many approaches, services and options out there, outsourcing isn’t the easiest solution to get your head around. On top of that, many providers like to baffle businesses with technical terms and unnecessary detail, when all they really want is simplicity, speed and value. In essence, MSP is the outsourcing of temporary, contract and interim hiring to support all your contingent workforce needs. Like RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), it is easily scaled up or down, and specifically tailored to your requirements.


Ask yourself…

  • Do you have visibility and control of your contingent workforce (e.g. rates, contractual terms, compliance, supplier performance)?
  • Are you anticipating growth in your use of contingent workers? Either for a business transformation programme or because of difficulty in securing permanent talent?
  • Do you need to derive more value from your contingent workforce?


If you answered yes to any of those three questions, you have a good case for MSP. Whether you want extra hands to hit a key deadline, better visibility of your contractor spend, or a slicker on-boarding process, MSP; saves time, cuts costs, manages risk and drives quality across all aspects of HR, procurement and business resourcing.


The insurance industry is a sector that often benefits from the full scope of MSP, and it’s not hard to see why. While customers demand better online experiences and more personalised service, insurers are facing calls to address the challenges posed by Brexit, IFRS 17 and market modernisation. MSP allows companies to attract specialist skill sets that can help companies respond quickly and proficiently across the board. Often, an MSP complements the resourcing of strategic change programmes led by management consultancies.


Market specialisation, personalisation and simplicity are the foundations of Avencia’s approach to MSP. Our combined expertise in MSP and insurance enables us to deliver and manage expert interim talent that can help insurers drive change, plan future strategy and make sense of uncharted territory. And where there are time pressures for project delivery, we deploy a flexible contingent workforce, fast.


If you oversee contingent staff as a business, HR or procurement leader, be sure to explore the many benefits of MSP in our brochure.