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HR and RPO: A Match Made in Heaven?

Today's insurance HR Leaders are strategic partners, as CEOs turn to them more than ever to design and deliver future-proof people solutions. From employee engagement and succession planning to leadership development and operational support, the road for HR is winding - and the route is uncertain. So how can the function keep pace when it comes to one of its most important strategic objectives: recruitment? 

Here are just a few of the hiring challenges HR leaders must be prepared to navigate in 2018…


Competitive Talent Acquisition 

Candidates want more from their employers, and rivalry for the best is fierce.


Generational Shifts

Millennial's and Generation Z see their time with organisations as transitory, while Generation X increasingly chooses self-employment. Organisations need to be more agile in how they plan, manage and deliver work accordingly.


Changing Demand

We need only look as far as data science, cyber security or the regulatory space to see how skills are adapting. HR must keep an ear to the ground to be certain it is making forward-focused talent decisions.


Talent Pipelines Under Scrutiny 

The gender pay gap disclosure has provided a spotlight on diversity – a challenge that requires proactive action. Broad diversity initiatives and the need for improved succession planning are high on the board agendas of many insurers.


Unconscious Biases

Businesses should not hire like-for-like, or prioritise fit over potential.

It’s not just the insurance world that’s evolved. RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) has too. In the face of such diverse demands, this service provides welcome relief for HR leaders of blue-chip insurers. But you don’t have to be a multinational to embrace RPO. Speciality insurers, reinsurers and SME businesses are reaping the rewards too, while retaining full control of their people strategies.


RPO helps HR leaders remove the concern of locating, assessing and vetting talent. It creates a better candidate experience, with the assistance of experts focused solely on disseminating the brand to high-quality candidates. 


For us, it’s clear the most beneficial application of RPO comes when it is combined with niche market understanding – something Avencia has in abundance within the insurance sector. Our direct sourcing capabilities embody over 15 years’ technical experience, so whether you want to bolster your current team, address hiring peaks or adopt a more strategic approach, Avencia will tailor the solution to your needs. We guarantee success for HR leaders because we’re passionate about guiding them toward the best use of their time.


Smart and scalable technology allows us to get implemented, integrated and hiring quickly. Combined with recruitment experts embedded on-site, with the backing of near-site scalable support services and access to powerful data analytics to see what has happened and just as importantly, what needs to happen.


Perhaps you’ve never really considered RPO. Instead you’ve taken control of your PSL, standardised rates and centralised key approval processes. But are these measures enough to meet all your talent acquisition needs and provide your business with the competitive edge? RPO offers a much more strategic advantage.


Joining HR with RPO expertise breeds value and trust throughout your hiring community. But above all it saves time, reduced cost and improves quality by enhancing talent strategies in the short and long-term. 


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