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How RPO Can Help Align Your Recruitment Process

The best place to start is by defining what type of recruitment model your company follows. There are two main types of models in existence; Decentralised and Centralised. 

HR departments are often stretched to their limits, which can be especially challenging during hiring peaks. It's important therefore to consider where recruitment strategies are in place to successfully meet hiring needs. 


The Decentralised recruitment model is commonly followed by start-ups, who have small scale hiring needs and source their talent from a list of recruitment agencies on an intermittent basis. In contrast a Centralised recruitment model is established once a business’ hiring needs have grown and a standardised recruitment process has been created. An HR department/ employee will manage the recruiting and use a PSL. 

RPO offers an attractive alternative to centralisation through HR and can replace or complement the creation of an in-house recruitment team. RPO is flexible and cost effective by; taking care of candidate planning, sourcing, the selection process, screening and data analysis so you don’t have to. By opting for this approach there are several key benefits, which can be seen below.