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4 Ways to Prevent Recruitment Bias

Recruitment bias can occur for multiple reasons and in large part is unavoidable. For example, when interviewing prospective candidates for an open role, an interviewer may be likely to favour someone who shares similar interests and educational background over someone who possesses a more relevant skill set. In such cases, it’s important to stay focused on the role and not lose sight of its requirements.

A recent study by McKinsey found that diverse businesses perform 35% better than their non-diverse counterparts, highlighting the need for diversity within every business. So, how can we prevent recruitment bias from occurring when making future hires?


Start with the Job Description

Job descriptions are a great place to begin as they are a candidate’s first insight into your company. When creating your next job description, refrain from including discriminatory language and be sure to incorporate gender-neutral terms. By doing so you will appeal to a larger pool of candidates, not deterring those who could be a great fit for the role.


Standardise Interviews

Create a level playing field for potential recruits by standardising your interview process. Ask everyone the same questions so they each have an equal opportunity to respond and share their expertise. By applying a structured process, it will automatically prevent hiring managers from personalising the interview, which will in turn reduce recruitment bias.


Two Heads are Better than One

You could also try having multiple interviewers. By assigning more than one person to interview a candidate, there will be more viewpoints to consider, therefore making it easier to reach a balanced hiring decision.


Delve a Bit Deeper

If a candidate appears to present themselves well and dress the part, it can sometimes prevent hiring managers from looking beyond the surface. Relying exclusively on first appearances can be deceiving and present another form of recruitment bias.