Four Distinct Advantages of Pop-up RPO

Previously, we've compared building an internal recruitment team to partnering with an RPO specialist, before going on to introduce the most common service models: end-to-end and plug-in. 

The final service model is on-demand or project RPO, (what we at Avencia like to call ‘pop-up’) which has become increasingly popular with clients who need to get off the mark quickly. And it’s easy to see why.

In a world where everybody is demanding flexibility and choice, pop-up RPO enables HR leaders to be agile in how they approach the delivery and execution of their talent acquisition strategy.


Faster Response Times

Pop-up gives HR leaders the ability to act fast over a defined period of time to recruit a specific skill set, in a specific region or for peak growth. Whether solving a permanent or contract need, pop-up reduces the burden on HR or recruitment teams to manage recruitment suppliers, while also removing the commitment of a long-term outsourcing relationship.


Smarter Workforce Planning

Beyond recruitment process efficiency, pop-up solutions help HR leaders avoid the risk of hiring more recruiters than needed for a long-term period. They also improve your ability to exercise greater cost control, with more accurately forecasted recruitment budgets.


Better Candidate Identification

If the RPO provider is a specialist in a particular market or region, HR leaders can benefit from technical, regional, cultural and industry recruitment expertise. This opens the door to talent pools they wouldn’t normally be able to access.


Lower Risk

Pop-up allows HR leaders to ‘trial’ recruitment outsourcing, and scope out whether it might be a path they want to continue journeying down.


For further details on Avencia’s pop-up solutions, download our brochure here.