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Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

Creating a diverse talent pool within your organisation is important for a number of reasons including company growth and innovation, customer representation and prevention of “Groupthink” mentality. It also helps to build a better working environment that is more efficient and sustainable.


Improved Customer Insight

Hiring staff from a range of demographics and industries will enable the business to more accurately reflect the viewpoints of its customer base and in turn improve its service.

A study conducted by Linkedin found that 49% of employers surveyed use diversity as a key strategy to better represent their customers.


Enhanced Creativity

The ability to innovate and generate new ideas is key to the progression of any business and improving workplace diversity is one simple tactic that can be used to achieve this.

Employees with differing backgrounds and life experience will be able to bring a fresh perspective to existing business strategies and positively influence the need for change and development.


Performance Focused

Mckinsey studied 180 companies across four countries over a two-year period and found that diversity among company board members significantly enhanced their overall ROE (returns on equity). 

In addition a report by Deloitte in 2013 revealed that organisations seen to be committed to improving the diversity of their workforce helped encourage employees creativity by 83%.


Boost your employer brand

Developing a diverse workplace can also help to boost your employer brand by removing inclusion barriers and appeal to a wider candidate pool. In 2014 Glassdoor reported 67% of job seekers view a diverse workforce as a central factor when evaluating job offers.

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